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G2G Consulting accelerates sales and marketing growth for companies by helping them avoid the inevitable speed bumps that slow them down when attempting to increase sales output, transform marketing capabilities or activate digital and analytic technology but without the help of an experienced leader. 

We provide executive level sales and marketing advisory services on a flexible and fractional basis. We find that each company faces different growing pains, resource constraints or delivery challenges, so we will tailor our approach based on your specific requirements and with your collaboration.

We support a range of industries. The clients we work with include:

> Startups                            

> B2B Companies                  

> SaaS Companies 

> Fintech Companies                 

> VC’s & Private Equity Firms         


Gary Gilchrist - Founder and Managing Director

Gary Gilchrist - Founder and Managing Director

Gary Gilchrist - Founder and Managing Director

Gary Gilchrist

Gary works exclusively with CEOs, private equity firms and key  executives to define the capabilities and strategies required for organizational readiness to grow sales revenues by 2-3x and identify key targets for growth. He is an expert at enhancing the sales infrastructure and strategies needed to institutionalize sales processes that form the DNA needed to bring start-up companies over the finish line. As a hands-on executive he has a unique combination of strategic sales management and tactical execution, ideally suited for an organization with aggressive growth goals and sales turnaround.

Over the course of his career, he’s successfully helped multiple startups transform their sales organizations by putting the operational best practices in place leading them to a merger or acquisition by Fortune 1000 companies. Gary has managed Sales Teams and Business Development for various organizations across his career including software and data companies such as Experian, Dunn & Bradstreet, West Corporation, and On24. He brings proven methodologies for sales leadership, demand generation, organic and business development, new product launches, account growth, compensation and incentive planning and a host of other best practices. His work is defined by the goals of his clients with the aim of taking them from Good 2 Great. (G2G!)

Gary is a sought-after coach and mentor with experience across the variety of sales disciplines and strategies needed to achieve success in the services, software and technology industries. 

Sheri Gilchrist - Managing Partner

Gary Gilchrist - Founder and Managing Director

Gary Gilchrist - Founder and Managing Director

Sheri Gilchrist

 Sheri is a data-driven executive business leader recognized for building and transforming the marketing organization for major financial services brands. She works with high growth companies in pursuit of transforming their business by modernizing marketing and operations to create a high performing organization, change the trajectory of the customer experience, re-position the brand narrative, launch new products, help sales sell and deliver revenue. She was formerly the global chief marketing officer at PGIM Investments, a top 10 investment management firm with over $1.6BT in assets under management. She has managed global brand strategies and marketing programs for a range of leading financial institution. She has expertise in the full suite of marketing, data, and digital operations disciplines. As an influencer and collaborator, she believes success is built on relationships, performance, clarity and trust, working in close partnership with C-level Sales, Technology, Operations & Product teams connecting the dots across the customer experience in order to achieve desired outcomes. She is also a long-time supporter of financial literacy and has provided counsel to the Social Security Administration and the National Bureau of Economic Research to foster greater understanding of financial management and retirement planing among individual investors. Recognized for her innovation, Sheri has held progressive leadership roles with leading brands including BNY Mellon, Eaton Vance, Citibank and American Express. Sheri has been featured in Barron's, Bloomberg, Forbes, Ignites, Financial Times & FundFire.