The Catch 22 for Startups!

 Most Startup CEO’s rarely come from sales backgrounds yet their company’s success and its ultimate valuation depends on revenue growth and their achievements in sales. Founders require the battle-hardened skills of an experienced Sales Leader to help them win new business and grow revenue, however these highly paid executives are very expensive to hire and for a small company it can be tough to justify until your sales numbers start to increase. It’s a Catch 22!

Yet without this leadership and available knowledge a great deal of time and money can be wasted making rookie mistakes, missing huge opportunities and steering the sales efforts in the wrong direction. When a VP is eventually hired or more commonly when the CEO promotes the top sales person to lead the sales team, a high percentage of them simply don’t work out. At best this can delay a potential M&A event and reduce the valuation price. At worst, it can spell disaster and the firm can miss their exit window, or even fail completely.

That’s why the fractional leadership model offered by G2G Consulting provides a flexible and scalable solution to quickly identify your sales and marketing challenges, devise a plan to improve and then help you execute, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time leader. Partnering with G2G Consulting will provide you with the expertise your firm needs to transform your organization to increase revenue to find a favorable exit, but without the financial burden of committing to permanent headcount until you are ready to do so.